Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We had our office cookie swap yesterday and everyone brought such yummy cookies. My Tupperware was overflowing when I was bringing it home! I've only sampled a few, but so far they are delicious!

I went to Target last night to pick up a few things and was able to finish my Christmas shopping too. I just love that place. It's so dangerous because the one I go to is within five minutes from the house and is brand new so it is really well stocked. I can rarely get out of there without spending a small fortune. I was good last night and stuck to just what I went in there for and only spent $53.

We're going to start the Dave Ramsey plan in January, but have already started working on a cash only basis. I think that's what really kept me in check last night and I am very proud of myself. I hope the plan works well for us. I'm hoping to have our credit cards and the truck taken care of by the spring/early summer and then start putting the money we had been paying on credit cards toward our mortgage. It would be so awesome to get it paid off early. I keep saying to Michael that I want it paid off by the time we are 45, LOL. That may be wishful thinking, but it's a good kick in the pants to try to get to that goal.

Well, I'm off to lunch. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hello all!

Thanksgiving went really well. Thank you Flylady and Leanne! We all had a yummy dinner and it was nice to be able to visit with everyone and not be stuck in the kitchen the whole time.

We've been doing really well with the cruising missions and Christmas shopping. The shopping is just about finished - I have just a couple more things to pick up. My vacation starts next week on Thursday so I'll do my wrapping then and then just wait for the big day.

My office is doing a cookie swap this coming Monday. I usually make these yummy chocolate crackle tops but my food processor bit the dust so I can't make them easily. I think I might try to make some spritz cookies this year instead.

On the baby front, we met with our new RE last week. She is awesome! I really like her and her plans for us. What a difference from my last RE -he was such a jerk! Anyway, she gave me a rx for progesterone that I started today so that means my test date will be Christmas eve. Fingers crossed! If this cycle works out, I will be soo happy. This is what I wanted to do last February, but Dr. Jerk wouldn't help me. Anyway, I'm being hopeful and taking it one step at a time.

I also wanted to send some hugs to SK. You know that Michael and I are here for you if you need anything! Love you!

I'm off to heat up leftovers for lunch - BBQ pork, baked beans and cole slaw. - Yum!

Have a great day!