Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was able to get my daffodil and tulip bulbs all planted last night and then Michael and I laid out the new mulch. It looks great, though I noticed some high spots in the mulch as I was pulling out this morning, so I need to straighten that out. Otherwise, I think we did a good job in the dark. Tonight I'm going to get the crocus planted. That won't take but a minute so I won't be stuck in the dark with the creepy animal sounds. I swear, I heard the squirrels and birds chatting as I was planting last night to plot how they were going to steal my freshly planted bulbs. Well, hopefully the 3-4 inch layer of mulch will deter them. FX!

I don't know why I'm so surprised that by 6:45pm it's dark in my yard. What is is fall or something? ;)

When we went back in, I was trying to be my best domestic diva self. I sewed up the seam split in our comforter, changed the sheets, did the dishes, swept the floors, and did a few loads of laundry. I felt good getting all this accomplished, but I was pissed that I was up until 1am. Now, I wasn't staying up to get these things all finished, it was more that I was wide awake so I got all these things finished. Hopefully, I'll get back on a normal sleep schedule tonight since it's been all wonky this week.

Now that the fall planting is pretty much taken care of, I need something else to do. I was thinking of maybe making a quilt now that I figured out how to get my sewing machine to cooperate and actually sew things. I saw online that there's a fabric store in town so I might try to stop by this weekend for some inspiration. We'll see...

It's just about lunch time so I'll sign off for now to get my post office errands together. I must be crazy going to the post office at lunch, but whatever it's not gonna get there by itself.

OK, I'm outtie!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hi all,

I have some pics to share of the almost finished garden. I'll have more hopefully tomorrow. We got a lot done on Saturday and then on Sunday I started to feel like crap so I couldn't finish everything and then I was down for the count Monday and Tuesday. The mulch I ordered was delivered on Monday and it's still in a pile next to the fence. I'm feeling better today and am back at work, so hopefully, I'll still have the energy to get the bulbs I want planted in that flower bed and get it mulched tonight.
Anyway, here are some pics:

The Before:

I took this from where our front stairs were and will soon be again.

The view from our mailbox looking down the yard.

The During:

This is the edging I did all by myself. I'd say it's pretty good for being just done by eye.Here's Michael doing the tilling since I would have been dragged behind the thing if I tried and a shovel would have taken me far too long. Thanks Baby!
Here's me and my wheel barrel on one of the many trips to the compost pile.
The Almost After:
This is best one I have where you can actually see my new hydrangeas and the bits of the daylilies we got from Mum a few weeks back. (This one was taken Sunday because it got too dark on Saturday to actually see anything when we were actually finished.)
I suppose my After pics won't look too different since there won't be any other plants, but I'm sure our new mulch will look awesome!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Break in the action...

I'm getting my butt kicked by this flower bed. It's not wanting to be dug out. Grr...there are so many flipping rocks, it's taking forever.

I've decided to take a break and make some lunch, finally. Hopefully this will keep me going so I can get it done.

I stopped off at the nursery on the way back from Walmart and was able to get the hydrangeas I wanted on sale with an additional 10% off. Thanks P!

I took a before picture and will take an after if I ever finish and I promise I will post them this time! LOL.

Well, I think my lunch is just about ready so I'm off.


Productive Morning

Hi all,

It's about 9:30 and I've been a busy bee this morning. Michael got home a bit late from work and came in to crash and then of course I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so I just hopped up and got to it. So far, I've made juice, blueberry muffins, enough coffee for like 10 people (I can never get my water to coffee ratio quite right, LOL) and got dinner going in the crockpot. I'm making stuffed peppers. I'm using the same filling I used for the cabbage rolls I made a while back so hopefully they will come out just as yummy. They certainly look good!

Well, I'm off for a shower and then to Walmart to get a couple new books to read on my commute. When I get back, I hope I'm still in this go go go mode so I can get that bed cut out out front. FX!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hi folks,

I'm so glad it's Friday. As quickly as this week has gone by, the days at work seem to drag. I came in this morning on the early train to be here in time for my weekly Friday meeting only to learn that it's been moved to Monday because my fellow participants are too busy this morning. Normally this doesn't bother me. But today, I'm a bit irked because I gave up an extra hour that I could have spent with my sweetie who I feel like I don't get to see enough since he's working crazy hours when I'm home and sleeping when I'm at work so I can't even really talk to him on the phone. Boo, hoo....=(

Well, hopefully we'll be able to get some time together tomorrow afternoon after he sleeps and before he heads out (yes, he does have to work Saturday). I'll have to make him a yummy breakfast, well maybe more like brunch for when he wakes up. I wish he liked pancakes and/or french toast because I saw this yummy recipe for a creme brulee french toast that I really want to make, but I don't think he'd eat it. Oh, I just had a thought, I could make it so I can have some at breakie, and save the leftovers for a dessert. That would work. Yay! That is helping me out of my poor me mood.

Let's see, what else? Oh, I was hoping to help be matchmaker for my BFF from college and a good friend from high school. As it is turning out, she is studying hard core for a licensing exam and will not be up for dating until the exam is finished and he just found out yesterday that he might be going to Texas to help with the storm destruction for three months (he's an electrician). Oh well, maybe I can get them together for New Years? We'll see. I'm usually not one to do any matchmaking, so it figures that when I do try, it doesn't work out right away.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm hoping to get some flower beds ready for my bulbs that I'll be planting next week. While I'm at it, I think I'm going to pick up some mums and maybe a pumpkin for my steps (the ones that are still standing that is). I know I'll have to get another one at Halloween, but I'm ready for fall and want to finish up with some outdoor decorating. I'll have to get some mulch too for the new bed so it won't just be a pile of dirt. Maybe I'll get some mums to plant there too.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'm off to get a bagel. Have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hello out there

I finally have a working oven! Yippee! The appliance guy was able to fix our existing oven and it has been working perfectly. I've been cooking up a storm and feel better that I can cook nice dinners and weekend breakfasts for my sweetie. I haven't made anything crazy, but a good meatloaf and roasted potatoes can do a lot for the soul.

Fall is arriving slowly but surely here. I'm loving it. The weather has cooled and dried out and I can actually wear a sweater again and not by too hot. I was really getting tired of my summer clothes. I've been getting into the fall mode around the house too. Along with my real cooking, I've been pulling out my fall candles and I hung up our fall harvest banner at the front door. I also picked up two silk wreaths at the Christmas Tree Shop with fall flowers and berries and put those on the front and side doors. I ordered my spring bulbs and they should be arriving on Monday, so I hope to get the beds ready this weekend so I can just pop them in the ground after work next week.

Michael has been working on the front steps too. He's begun the demolition of the old brick and block steps and been roughly laying out what the new stairs will look like. The stone he picked out looks really nice. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Our neighbors are having a party for us this Sunday to welcome us to the neighborhood. Now that everyone is back from their respective vacations and summer homes, it will be a nice way to get to know everyone better. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks S and A for doing this for us!

On a completely random note, I've been having high school flashbacks the past couple of weeks. Several friends from high school have found me on Facebook and we've connected and chatted and such. Then, New Kids on the Block comes out with a new CD - yes I did buy it, and 90210 is back on TV. What is going on? Don't get me wrong, it's all good, just kind of funny, don't you think?

Well that's all for now. TTYS!