Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Kitchen

Good Morning!

So, I pulled out some new placemats that my mum got for me and set them out on our kitchen table last night. They go nicely with the French Country-ish feel I have in my kitchen. I think they make my table look really cute. Here are some pics:

Here's a close up of the placemat - it reminds me of some place that might be on the French Riviera:

Well, we ended up staying in last night for my hubby's birthday. He was too pooped from work so we've postponed dinner until Friday night. I don't mind - that way we can extend the
So do you have all of your candy for the little goblins tonight? I've got mine all ready. I hope we get to see some cute costumes! Last year we had so many little cuties at our door, I hope it's a repeat this year!

Happy Halloween
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