Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hi all,

I have some pics to share of the almost finished garden. I'll have more hopefully tomorrow. We got a lot done on Saturday and then on Sunday I started to feel like crap so I couldn't finish everything and then I was down for the count Monday and Tuesday. The mulch I ordered was delivered on Monday and it's still in a pile next to the fence. I'm feeling better today and am back at work, so hopefully, I'll still have the energy to get the bulbs I want planted in that flower bed and get it mulched tonight.
Anyway, here are some pics:

The Before:

I took this from where our front stairs were and will soon be again.

The view from our mailbox looking down the yard.

The During:

This is the edging I did all by myself. I'd say it's pretty good for being just done by eye.Here's Michael doing the tilling since I would have been dragged behind the thing if I tried and a shovel would have taken me far too long. Thanks Baby!
Here's me and my wheel barrel on one of the many trips to the compost pile.
The Almost After:
This is best one I have where you can actually see my new hydrangeas and the bits of the daylilies we got from Mum a few weeks back. (This one was taken Sunday because it got too dark on Saturday to actually see anything when we were actually finished.)
I suppose my After pics won't look too different since there won't be any other plants, but I'm sure our new mulch will look awesome!

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