Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm here!

Hello all!

I'm here! Nothing too exciting has been happening the past few months so I really haven't had anything to post about, hence the absence.

Well, now that summer has unofficially started, we've been spending more time outside and working in the gardens.

My hydrangeas are budding up quite nicely and I expect that we'll have a beautiful show starting in the next couple of weeks. The day lillies are nice an full as well, though I have only seen the beginnings of one bud. It's still early for them.

The foundation planting we did last year looks pretty good, however the gumpo white azaleas we planted do not seem to be doing well at all. I spoke to the nursery that we got them from and they said we could dig them up and exchange them so I think that's what we'll do this weekend.

My herbs are doing well in a pot on our deck. The mint has really taken over, as I suspected it would, but I will be using it in fruit salads and such so it's not a problem. My tomato plant is looking a little sad. I'm not sure if I planted it too early, or it was drowned in some of these crazy rain storms we've been having. I'll give it a while longer before I reclaim that planter for something else.

The wildflower bed we planted it sprouting nicely. I just hope we get some flowers soon! We planted a gazillion seeds so something should flower for us. :)

I've also been planning a summer surprise party and was quite happy to get the catering squared away this past weekend and for a fabulous price that includes delivery. Score!

What have you been up to?

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