Monday, October 6, 2008


It's Monday again, and as usual I didn't want to get out of bed. Oh, well....such is life.

We had a nice weekend. I helped Michael with the front steps and they are almost finished. They look really nice. Sunday morning, we had the electrican come over to give us a quote on the things we need done. He was really nice, and as it turns out he and Michael know a lot of the some people since the grew up in the same part of Boston. Small world! Anyway, we just need to figure out our schedules so we can get the work done. I can't wait to have our TV squared away and have all of those pesky wires hidden.

Later in the day, we had friends over to watch the Pats game. It was definitely a meat fest as far as the food went. We had kielbasa - grilled with Ah So sauce (mmmmm), burgers, hot dogs and chili. It was yummy, if not the most healthful spread, LOL.

I'm battling a cold that came over me all of a sudden yesterday so I've been pumping myself with Dayquil and orange juice and hope I can get over it quickly. My cube neighbors here at work have been sick so I think I caught their plague. Boooo. Oh well, at least it's kinda quite in the office today so that helps.

I hope you all have a Happy Monday!

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