Monday, November 5, 2007

Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend. Friday night Michael and I went out to The Stockyard with Eamonn for Michael's belated birthday dinner. It was yummy and we had lots of laughs.

Saturday morning we hopped the bus to Foxwoods with our friends. After a losing morning, things turned around after lunch. I put $20 into a nickle machine and ended up winning $3066!! Can you believe it??!! That is going straight to our vacation fund for a trip in February. We had fun in the evening at the club with the Chinese food spread and duet that was playing - lots of laughs and lots of dancing.

Sunday was a quiet day. We seemingly slept in, but with the time change, I was actually up earlier that I thought. We relaxed most of the day watching TV and then the Pats v. Colts in the late afternoon. Yet again, it is still great to be a Boston sports fan! After the game we enjoyed some Spaghetti and Meatball Stoup. It's a recipe from 30 Minute Meals. You can find the recipe here. I just enjoyed some left overs for lunch. Yummy!

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