Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello all,

Things are finally getting back to normal at our house now that Michael is back on days. Yay!!

My domestic diva-ness is coming back and I'm loving it. I can cook dinner for us and we can sit down and really enjoy it together since he doesn't have to rush out the door to work. The bed can be made when I leave for work in the morning since he's not in it. I can put the house to bed at night and it still looks good when we get home from work since no one is there messing it up during the day. I know this all sounds kooky, but it's really nice to be back in the groove after being so twisted around for so long and the house just feels happy and peaceful again.

Continuing on the domestic front, we're hosting Thanksgiving! I'm really excited about it. I'm following the menu mailer from the Dinner Diva, one of Flylady's friends of course. It's been super. It has the menu all planned, the grocery list, the recipes and a timeline of everything you need to do from ironing my tablecloth to making the pumpkin cheesecake. The one deviation is that Mum is making the turkey. I really have this turkey cooking phobia since the one time I tried to do a turkey breast it was a disaster, so I'm so happy that I can guarantee at least a yummy turkey for dinner if all else fails. I have almost everything I need since I have been getting a few things each grocery order over the past couple of weeks. I just need to pick up the green beans closer to the day so they'll be nice and fresh.

Since I work outside the home, I've been doing a little bit each night so the house will be ready to go on Turkey Day and I won't be the frazzled hostess. I'll be setting the table this weekend and throwing a sheet over it to keep the dust away. Tuesday night I'll make my cheesecake. Wednesday night I'll be chopping my veggies for the stuffing and side dishes. Thursday morning I'll do my potatoes and then just pop everything in the oven to cook while I get the relish tray together. The fam is coming at 2 o'clock and I'll be all ready to greet them and visit, rather than be stuck in the kitchen.

Then, on Thanksgiving weekend, we can decorate for Christmas!!! YAY!! I'm thinking this would be a nice Sunday thing to do while we watch football. I can't wait to see our decorations in the new house. I think I might get us some new stockings this year. The ones we have are cute, but I'd like to get us some pretty, more grown up type ones now that we have the house and can start some new traditions. Also, Advent will be starting that Sunday, so I'd like to do an Advent wreath this year. I have the ring and will pick up some real greens to decorate it.

I've been doing the Cruising Through the Holidays with Flylady, surprise, surprise, LOL. I've got our Christmas cards and labels and stamps all ready to go. Our Christmas shopping is just about finished and for the things I still need to get, I know what they will be so I feel really good about it. We'll be hosting Christmas Eve and I know what I'll be making for dinner and who is coming so all and all, I really have been cruising and can enjoy the season!

Well, it's almost lunchtime and I'm starved so I'd better sign off. Happy Thursday!

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