Monday, March 24, 2008

Army of Inspectors


It's Monday again. Where do the weekends go? Ours was busy busy!

We had the home inspections on Saturday. Man, were they thorough! But I suppose that's what we pay for. There was a little bit of lead paint on the outside of the house, but thankfully, nothing inside. The home inspection revealed some issues with the deck, garage and wacky stairs on the side of the house going up to the second floor. Apparently, the deck and stairs were not made from pressure treated wood and were improperly flashed, so they are rotting. The wacky stairs need to come down completely because they were not secured to the house correctly and could come tumbling down. I'd be fine with them coming down even if they were stable because they make me nervous that someone could sneak into the house upstairs.

I just sent the lead report off to an abatement company and hope to have a quote tomorrow or Wednesday. As for the carpentry issues, Michael, C and Uncle J all agree that it's probably going to cost $8k-10k. I hope we can negotiate with the sellers to have them do some of the work or at least take this amount off of the price. Michael is going to call some contractors today to do the gut check to make sure we're not too far off.

Otherwise, the other issues that were raised we nothing too big. They are things that we could take care of ourselves and with the help of the army of union construction guys that we know. I think that we have all of the trades covered except for a plumber. We've got to work on that one, though thankfully there are no plumbing issues that were found.

We also are having a radon inspection done. That will be completed this afternoon and then we'll get that report today or tomorrow. Hopefully there won't be any issues there. The radon guy couldn't say for sure without doing the test, but he thought we'd be in the clear given the other inspections he's done in the area.

So, it's all moving along. I need to talk to our realtor and give K a call to see how we should proceed.

I'll keep you posted!

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KarenMM said...

Sorry to hear there are issues, but at least you know about them now instead of after you close!