Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Waiting Game

Hi folks.

Now, we're in the waiting game.

I met with a contractor yesterday at the house to go over the issues that the inspector raised. He's a good friend of someone Michael works with. I showed him the problems and he put together a quote for me. $22,425, Yikes! With lead removal quote, that means a repair estimate of just over $27k!

I spoke with K and our realtor this morning and we decided that we'd ask for $7,500 of the purchase price. I know that sounds odd, but Tony's estimate included some things that we would take care of ourselves, so we think it's a reasonable number that won't immediately throw the seller off.

Our realtor is now going to talk to the seller and see what they say. I hope that W, the husband, comes to his senses. You should have seen the tirade he went off on in front of us yesterday saying my contractor didn't know what he's talking about and that he doesn't want to sell the house and the deal is off, and on and on. R, our realtor, did a great job diffusing the situation so hopefully they will be amenable to our deal. We're only asking for about a quarter of the total repair costs.

With any luck we'll have this settled this afternoon and then Michael and I can enjoy our weekend.

So now I wait.

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