Thursday, March 6, 2008

I remembered my camera cable!

Hi folks,

I actually remembered my camera cable today so I have some pics for you.

Here's the living room with its new toss pillow covers:

This is my little reading nook. I have my fuzzy blanket there with the Kodak frame flashing family and friends' pictures. I've been reading my Daily Guideposts there lately when I get home from work. It's been a nice way to chill after a day in the office.

The next pic is of the sofa. I've had the leopard pillows forever. I actually brought them from my bedroom at home when Michael and I moved in together. Anyhow, I think the blue pillows and the striped pillow look really nice with our light blue walls and the leopard makes it a little funky.

As I mentioned, I also set up my snow globes in the dining room. Check them out:

I'm sorry that the picture is a bit dark, but when I put the overhead light on I was casting a shadow so I went with this one. On the left side are my fancier glass globes and the right side has my kitchy plastic ones. Right in the middle is a sand globe that my bff gave me. It's really neat. I'm so happy to have them displayed again. It's been almost two years since they all been out together. I have about ten Christmas ones too, but those are packed away.
I'll be back later. I've got to do some work right now.

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KarenMM said...

Nice job on the pillow covers!