Tuesday, January 22, 2008

18 and 0!

Wooohooo! We're 18 and 0! I'm so excited that the Pats are in the Superbowl again this year! What a year to be a Beantown sports fan!

We enjoyed hanging out and watching the game on Sunday. Shana and Danny came over and I made some chili and taco pinwheels. Shana made the yummiest potato thingies with boursin cheese. They were so good and seemingly pretty easy to make. I'll have to give them a try.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. We went to see a couple of houses on Saturday. They were nice, but I think the bedrooms were made for hobbits - they were soo tiny. Oh well... We enlisted the help of the realtor we met with to help us scope out some other houses. She seems really nice and I think she'll do a great job for us. Michael and I are pretty much done with looking throught the paper and searching online. She already had some houses in mind that will be coming on soon for us to look at. Do I dare say that maybe we'll be in a house of our own by my birthday? Only time will tell...

Michael had to work on Monday so I was able to lounge around for the morning then did my dry cleaning in the afternoon. I used those sheets that you put in the dryer. Those things are great. I did 12 pairs of pants, a skirt, 3 shirts and a bunch of sweaters. I figure I saved over $100 doing it this way rather than taking them to the actual drycleaners. =) It did take a little time. You can do each batch of 4 or 5 things in a 20 minute cycle. Well, since it was soo freezing outside and I had no intention of leaving the house, I was quite content to just run into the kitchen every so often and put the next batch in. I also tackled the mountain of laundry baskets and got all of those clothes put away. I can actually walk on my side of the bed now. Yippee! I think I'm actually FLYing again! Now, let's just get that guest room all finished up...

That's all for now.

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