Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, we finally have our new speaker system set up in the living room! We were totally getting beaten up by it on Friday evening and could only get 3 of the 5 speakers working. Grrr...

Anyhoo, we decided to just go up to bed and look at it again with fresh eyes in the morning. Michael was off to work very early Saturday morning so I was left to fend for myself in the sea of cables. After lots of finagling, I was able to get all the speakers working! Yay me! Then, I couldn't get the cable picture to come through so I went to the cable office and traded our cable so that it would be compatible with our new receiver. The picture was still all wacky so after a several calls into tech support, we ended up plugging the cable picture into the tv and the sound into the receiver and voila! We have surrond sound tv and digital picture!

Since this project took the better part of the day on Saturday, the guest room still has not been addressed fully so I don't have any progress pictures for that. I did survey the mess and realized that it's not as much as I thought so maybe I can tackle it the Flylady way of 15 minutes at a time. Maybe this way I can get a lot of it cleaned up before next weekend so I won't have to slave over it and I can enjoy my weekend.

I did get most of my other tasks taken care of so all was not lost for the weekend. Sadly, the Christmas tree is down, but I will be leaving the window candles and wreath up for another couple of weeks. I also shined my kitchen sink and left a nice paste in it this morning so hopefully it will be even shinier when I rinse it off this evening when I get home. I boogied my car to get rid of all of the junk on the passenger floor. I'm going to vaccuum it on my way home tonight so it will look great. I also finally dropped the bag of clothes I have been driving around with for weeks off at the Goodwill bin when we went grocery shopping on Sunday.

We had a nice evening last night watching tv and eating some yummy goodies we made.

That's all for now. I'll post more later.

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