Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

Hello all!

Last night I spent a little time (maybe a tad more than 15 minutes) in the guest room. My project of the night was to get the TV and surround system re-hooked up. Thankfully this set up was much easier than the living room so I was a happy camper. Sadly, the clicker for that TV seems to have gone missing so I think I'll need to pick up a new one. Luckily I know they have them at Radio Shack.

I think tonight's project will be to swap the furniture so the flow will be better.

So far so good with getting down to business in 2008. I've pulled out my mini control journal and have actually been looking at it. I have a full size binder that lives in the kitchen, but I've found my mini one that I can take with me keeps me on track. It has my home and work routines and it feels so good to be able to cross the tasks off as I've completed them.

I've also been doing well with my other 2008 goals. My sink is staying shiny, I've been blogging more, I'm more focused and not as easily distracted and quitting smoking is going well too! Go me!

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