Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cross that off the list....

Hello all!

I was able to get our mortgage squared away yesterday with the guy that K recommended. I spoke to a few other lenders and this person seemed to be the one I trusted and liked best. Some of the others seemed a little shystery. So that's one more thing taken care of.

My mission for today is to get in touch with my insurance agent and figure out home owner's insurance. Hopefully that will all go smoothly too.

I've started to hoard boxes here at work so that I can start our packing. That's going to take a while so I figured I could do a little bit here and there and get it done. I think I'll pack up the china cabinet first. That has the things that I'm most nervous about getting broken. Mum said to bring those things over to their house so that we won't have to worry about the movers messing anything up. I have some pieces from my Nana, Grandma and Aunt L and I would hate to see anything happen to them.

The other thing to gingerly pack is my snow globe collection. I think I'll bring that over to Mum and Dad's too.

Well, that's all for now. Off to do some work. TTYL!

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KarenMM said...

Good luck with the insurance - and be glad you don't live in Florida. It is hard to get a policy here now because of the hurricanes from the past couple of years. And if you do find one, it is expensive!

Good idea to bring the things you are worried about breaking to your mom's house. I'd be worried about the movers breaking precious china pieces as well.