Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The packing has started

Well, sort of anyway. I packed up our DVDs and framed photos last night. That's as far as I got because I only had a couple of boxes. I would have done more, but alas, no boxes. Silly me, I stopped off at the UHaul store to pick up some packing tape and blank newsprint to wrap things up. What a scene! There were so many people there....well, duh, it was April 1st so everyone and his brother was moving and renting trucks. Note to self: next time I go to that store, go on an odd day, not an obvious moving day.

I hope to be able to bring home a few more boxes tonight from work. I've got one stashed under my desk and should be able to grab a couple more too once I unpack some office supplies.

As for our insurance, I'm just waiting to hear back from KM at the agency. She was putting the house info into a cost estimator program and would get back to me today. She said it should be no problem to do a binder for us. Hopefully, we'll be able to get the policy at the same company as my car so that we can save a few bucks.

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll have more later!

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KarenMM said...

Packing is such a chore to me. I hate doing it. Be glad you are starting now. It will save a lot of headache later on.