Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm am a bit PO'd today so please excuse my rant.

As you know we are buying our first house. Michael and I had submitted all of our paperwork to the mortgage compnay weeks ago. All of our finances are in order and the bank agrees. However, we had to file a time extension with the seller for the mortgage commitment because the appraiser sucks. We should have had the letter last week on Friday, but the bank needed additional comps so we moved the deadline to this Friday - tomorrow. I still don't have the freaking letter! GRRRRR!!!! I just sent basically a WTH email to the mortgage guy and the loan processor. Now I'm very nervous that we won't be able to close on Wednesday. Everyone has told us that these things happen, but come on. I wouldn't be as upset if the closing was weeks away, but it's in six days. - 4 business days.

It just figures. We waited until we had a good downpayment so that we could be responsible buyers and now we get a higher interst rate and all this BS. All of the people in MA that bought houses a few years ago with the low rates and 0% down are now getting screwed and foreclosed on and that is causing our problem. I don't necessarily blame these buyers because some of the banks were very tricky and deceptive and that's what caused this whole economy disaster. Our bank says MA is a declining market and they're clamping down on the appriasals. If they just looked in the f%$#ing newspaper they would see that the land alone for this property is worth more than we are mortgaging.

OK, my blood pressure is going through the roof and I'm about to crack teeth since I'm clenching my jaw because I'm so mad, so I'd better end my carrying on and chill out. Sorry for the grumbling post, but I needed the vent.

I'll come back later and write about my nice night last night having dinner with Mum and Dad. =)


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