Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One other thing...

You may have noticed a "blessing my heart" link on the side of my blog. Well, I've pulled out my pedometer again and am trying to walk more. Taking the train has helped since I have to walk further to/from my office, but I'm also taking walks at lunch. So, I set the ticker up yesterday with a target of 10,000 steps this week. Well, I blew that out of the water already. In one day I walked 10,005 steps. I guess my goal was off a bit. So I revised it to 30,000 steps this week. Next week, I think I'll raise it to 50,000 steps. Stay tuned.

Oh, and if anyone has any idea of what "step" goals should be, let me know. I'm sure my targets are still off. TIA!


Thoughtful said...

I believe the goal if trying to get fit is 10,000 per day. So adjust accordingly. And yay for making over 10,000 in one day without even trying!

Does this mean you are going to try and start walking to the train?

Ali said...

Thanks for the info Karen!

I don't think I'll be walking to the train in the am. It's just a bit too far and I'd never make it in time since I wouldn't want to get up any earlier, LOL.