Friday, May 30, 2008

Yay for Friday!

I'm so happy it's Friday again. I just love short weeks! To make it even better I found 20 bucks in my pocket this morning when I put my jeans on. Gotta love that!

No big plans for the weekend. I'm sure we'll do something tonight, but I don't know what. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and thundering so I think I'll stay hunkered down in the house. DMil brought over my remaining china from the apartment the other day so I'll just plan to finish unpacking that. Sunday is supposed to be nice so hopefully we can cook out and do a little gardening.

I'd like to get a outside seating set for the deck. We have a dining table and chairs already that we put on the grass and I'd like to add some comfy living-room type seating on the deck as well so we can just hang out and put our feet up. I'm off to search the net...

Talk to you later! Have a great weekend!


Thoughtful said...

I'm not sure what type of weather you have up there, but be careful about what type of outdoor furniture you buy. You don't want anything with cushions that will absorb the rain and get mildewy. Some cushioned items are ok, but you just need to check the material they are made out of.

I hope you ended up with nice enough weather to be outside this weekend!

Lisa said...
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