Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're almost there!

Hi everybody!

We closed on the house last Wednesday! Whoo hooooo! Grumpy played his usual antics right up until the end saying he wasn't going to sell the house. Our attorney, K, told him he "wouldn't put up with one minute of his bullsh*t." *insert thumbs up here* When Grumpy came into the office he was quiet as a church mouse and didn't make any fuss. Michael and I realized later that his antics are completely sexist. He will only make a fuss around women and won't make a peep in front of men. *eyeroll*. Anyway, we never have to see that guy again and we have a house!!!

I can't wait to post the pics for you all to see! The before and afters are awesome! We finished up the living room last night. It went from boring beige with dark wood trim and paneling to a pretty light apple green and marshmallowy white trim and paneling. It looks sooo good and so fresh and young. The room is so much brighter. The dining room is a pretty light coral color with the marshmallow trim. It's almost finished, we just need to finish up around the ceiling and baseboards. The kitchen looks amazing. We painted the cabinets and paneling with the marshmallow and spray painted the hardware with gold. The walls above the paneling are a pale yellow. I haven't decided on a color for our room yet, but I think I'll pick a neutral color so that it will go with my ever changing bed linens. So we're almost there. Just the bedroom and the rest of the first floor hall and we'll be finished! I'm so excited! The upstairs is all white and looks freshly painted, so we're going to leave that alone for now.

Michael and Uncle J made the run to Home Depot today to get the supplies for the side of the house project of taking out the door and replacing the windows and demolishing the wacky stairs. They headed out around 7 this morning so I can't wait to see the progress when I get home from work. (Yes I'm at work this week, ugh.)

I'll be off next week to really work my magic organizing everything and decorating. Ooooooo, I can't wait! We're moving in on Monday. It can't get here soon enough!

Well, I've got to get some work done. Talk to you soon!

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Thoughtful said...

Congrats on the new house! I've been wondering how everything went. Your color choices sound fabulous and I can't wait to see pictures (I just may have to steal those ideas)!